About Us

WatchPlus is a high profile, standards driven, open access model, online publishing organization, owned and managed by Script Reader International. The WatchPlus initiative is aimed at aiding well established and experienced, as well as new and prospective authors in publishing unique, rigorously peer-reviewed, highly visible research articles in a bias-free, author friendly environment; using universally acceptable academic standards of publication.

The WatchPlus team of experts together with our professional editors, work seamlessly to create an atmosphere for a better Author - Publisher - Editor relationship as well as an enhanced and standards based communication link between all personnel in the publishing process.

Our Goal is to globally connect the community of Scientific Researchers with the rest of the Academic Community through the dissemination of invaluable, unique and highly scientific, highly visible research content without the barriers of access or content restriction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the world's leading innovatine open access publisher, contributing to knowledge in all fields of human endeavour by publishing excellent, interesting and original research contents, and giving the general public an unlimited, unrestricted access to it.

Our Team

Improving quality, international standards and satisfactory publication outcomes; as well as making unbiased and conflict free editorial judgements, require much more than just technical expertise but also advanced research and editorial experience. Which is why we have a team of intellectuals and research conscious minds at the fore front of our Organization.

Our editorial team includes but not limited to Professional Researchers with a great deal of expertise in key areas within the scope of our journals.

Our Core Values

Despite being a newly established digital publisher, WatchPlus is strongly posited as Africa’s emerging centre of innovative publishing solutions to a growing and diverse global research base. Our strategic objective is to build a diversified franchise, creating superior value for all authors and research institutions through outstanding service satisfaction experience, superior scholarship emphasis and commitment to general academic criteria of significance and scientific excellence.

Our goal is to build a culture of excellence in collaboration with like-minded, research conscious individuals and organizations accross the globe. At Script Reader, we know that research success depends on much more than just access to money. We understand the broader needs of authors/researchers, be they veterans or post-graduate start-ups. Our core values are hinged upon the following:

  • Teamwork
  • Our enduring success lies in collaborating and supporting each other with the best teams to deliver innovative solutions for authors, researchers and research institutions.

  • Professionalism
  • Our team of experts shall deliver the best services to authors, researchers and research institutions and the general academic community with the highest level of proficiency and commitment.

  • Excellence
  • As architects of value, We pursue excellence in ways that create superior value for authors through a wide range of products and services and with passion, we relentlessly seek innovative solutions that will deliver great value to authors and research organizations.

Our Policies

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Our Standards

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